Anita Gopalan

The Funeral : a short story in Two Lines

My short fiction “Bade Papa ki Antyeshti” has been published in Anita Gopalan’s fine English translation as “The Funeral” in Two Lines, a prestigious American journal. The translation was called “a masterful translation”. 

I feel proud that Two lines have spotlighted this story to begin their Fall season. The story would sound familiar to Hindi readers, it is a version of ‘Bahattar Gulab’ which was published recently in India Today annual.

Read The Funeral by Geet Chaturvedi, translated by Anita Gopalan here.

Read the beautiful editorial about the short story here.

Anita Gopalan

The Amphibian in the Columbia Journal

A beautiful and thoughtful translation by Anita Gopalan of a section from my long poem ‘The Amphibian’ is in the Columbia Journal, housed at Columbia University. It is wonderful that the journal has featured Anita’s photo on the page—a respect and recognition for the translator. They also said they loved how the tension in the piece is so beautifully highlighted through both the word choice and the pacing.

“The Amphibian” (Ubhaychar) is a 27-part poem included in my book “Nyoonatam Main”. Dedicated to CM and Vishnu Khare, this poem came to me as an artistic challenge, and I’m so glad that readers are loving it in English translation also. Thank you, Columbia Journal, for publishing this piece!

Read the poem here:

Excerpt from the Poem, The Amphibian, by Geet Chaturvedi, Translated from the Hindi by Anita Gopalan