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For the last ten years, writing has been my full-time job. As a poet and novelist, I have almost stood alone throughout. Writing on my own, maintaining my interactive channels, my social media, replying to my emails and continuously writing so that I could give to my readers the content that I am most satisfied with, all this without any help. 
I have embarked on a new journey into the web world with this website. It will cover every aspect of my work, my thoughts, my writings, my videos, podcasts and blogs — everything related to my understanding of world literature, world cinema, music, art and philosophy.  
Researching, writing blogs, making videos and podcasts takes a significant amount of time and a lot of money to sustain. If you find any delight, inspiration and benefit here, please consider a modest donation— however much you can afford, it means and helps more than you could imagine. Your support makes all the difference. 
Please support me through “Buy Me A Coffee”. Click on the link below, select the number of coffees (the more the better 😃), and pay. Every cup of Coffee that you buy means a lot.
Donating surely equals Loving…

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Geet Chaturvedi