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The Memory of Now

Translated by Anita Gopalan. In MEMORY OF NOW, every poem is stylistically different, differently new, a memory made with past, made with now, made with Self, Other and Heart. The unhurried lyricism has emotional resonances and an aesthetic tension in socio-ritual poems, memories of the poet’s years of privation. It

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Table Lamp

‘Table Lamp’ is a book of Geet Chaturvedi’s essays on varied themes like literature, cinema, arts, music, philosophy et al; the themes he has worked on thoroughly in his literary career spanning over two decades. More than 350 pages, It makes his most voluminous book. This book was published under

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Aalaap Mein Girah

Geet Chaturvedi published his first poem in 1994 when he was 17, but he took further 16 years to publish his first collection. ‘Aalaap Mein Girah’ came out in 2010. The oldest poem in this collection was written in 1995. This book received an overwhelming response from the readers and

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Nyoonatam Main

Published in January 2017, ‘Nyoonatam Main’, is the second book of poems by Geet Chaturvedi. It carries 63 poems written between 2010 and 2014. The recipient of ‘Spandan Kriti Samman’, ‘Nyoonatam Main’ was included in Dainik Jagaran Bestseller list immediately after its publication. It remained there for the most parts

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Pink Slip Daddy

In 2009, when ‘Pink Slip Daddy’ was first published, it was called the best work of fiction in recent years by esteemed literary monthly ‘Kathadesh’. It is one of the few books in Hindi which deals with the theme of deceit, cut-throat competition and wacky intellectualism of the corporate world.

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Adhuri Cheezon Ka Devta

The prose of Geet Chaturvedi carries the fragrance of his poetry. ‘Adhuri Cheezon Ka Devta’ (The God of Incomplete Things) is the latest example of his enchanting prose. A collection of his essays written between 2016 and 2018, it covers a wide range of themes like literature, cinema, art, music,

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Savant Aunty Ki Ladkiyan

In the autumn of 2006, when ‘Savant Aunty Ki Ladkiyan’ (Aunt Savant and Her Daughters), the first novella of Geet Chaturvedi published in the esteemed literary magazine ‘Pahal’, it made a splash in the world of Hindi letters. Gyan Ranjan, the veteran short story writer and editor of the magazine

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khushiyon ke guptchar

Khushiyon Ke Guptchar

After much celebrated poetry collections like ‘Aalaap Mein Girah’ and ‘Nyoonatam Main’, ‘Khushiyon Ke Guptchar’ (Secret Agents of Joy) is the latest book of poems by the illustrious Geet Chaturvedi. It consists of 81 poems written between 2015 to 2019. Known for his translucent images, quixotic reflections, peculiar style and

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